BNA Elite Travel Team – NFL Flag Football

join the BNA elite travel flag football program

BNA Sports has a travel flag football program called BNA Elite.  There are multiple age groups/teams that participate in BNA Elite and they have won NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS at various flag football tournaments in-state and out-of-state.  Congratulations to our BNA Elite flag football teams!  Our 2024 season schedule will include traveling to multiple cities and states throughout the USA for our BNA Elite teams to play in national tournaments.

want your child to try out for bna elite?

If you are interested in your child trying out for the BNA Elite program in 2024, reach out to D.K. Taylor at DTaylor@BNASports.org directly.  He will let you know more information about how your child can try out.

Parents will have to be able to commit to traveling with their child to tournaments in-state and out-of-state throughout the year.  You will be provided with a travel schedule if your child gets into the BNA Elite program so that you can plan accordingly.

BNA Elite players have formed strong bonds and have created so many memories when traveling together and playing together.  We are so proud of the BNA Elite travel teams and look forward to seeing their continued success in 2024!